Morly – And Sooner Than We Know It…

It’s an unquestionable truth that everything that comes out from Cascine is pure gold, and their new entry Morly is not an exception. In fact, Minnesota producer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Katy Morley has dropped a few days ago And Sooner Than We Know It…, her first release through the NY-to-London-based label. Her music is a dreamy, enveloping mixture of minimal electronic touches and soft, elegant choruses. She reminds us of Tycho, but with an extra enthralling choral voice.

Morly had already released two songs – Seraphese and Maelstrom – before her debut for Cascine, but the new single is the first official excerpt from her forthcoming four-track EP In Defense of My Muse, which will be out on August 14th. She’s truly managing to make bearable with her music the hellish heat of these summer afternoons, which is enough for us to include her in our list of promising acts in 2015.

Listen below.