Mons Vi – Want Me Too

Imagine being awake for a few minutes, still a bit stunned and confused, you get up and brew some coffee while the mind is still dreaming. You just need to hear something that can become a true reflection of this thought-less state.

The new single from the Brooklyn based collective Mons Vi, might be right up your alley. Want Me Too is a romantic song about the simple feeling of wanting be wanted. A gorgeous and gentle ballad that keeps the sounds halfway between pop and jazz fusion, with a trippy guitar arpeggio and lush synthesizer drones that clearly draw the outlines of a light and catchy music texture. Airy vocals melodie gently caress your face, nicely surrounding by dreamy choral backing vocals. It’s warm and inviting and listening to it it’s a great way to kick off the day. Catch up with the guys on their Soundcloud page.