Mons Vi – Away

This is the scenario: lost in thought, twiddling a pencil between fingers, keeping the rhythm without even realising it, turned away from the real world for a few minutes, enough to plunge into the song’s atmosphere. As a sprightly and mild breath of warm air, Mons Vi‘s brand new track Away chases soft lulling melodies with a hypnotic lightness, moulding an ethereal lo-fi pop that sounds so genuinely charming. Matthew’s voice comes up from the gloom, tangled up in a sea of gentle guitar twangs among echoey vocals and reverb-saturated patterns. A timeless ballad that whatever your mood is, it would be able to make you feel better inside, by giving a pervading sense of serene and subservient calm. Everything is working out great! Support the sound by following Matthew on Facebook, you won’t regret it!