Mokita X The Ready Set – Broken Parts

Broken Parts is the new collab track between Nashville producer Mokita and Fort Wayne electronic pop artist The Ready Set, a soothing tune built around pounding, trap-like electronic percussions and sparse piano chords, which serve as the perfect soundscape for the heartfelt vocals.

Speaking about the track’s making, Mokita said: “I started this track with a simple piano idea. It came together very organically and honestly it didn’t have many parts. It was a piano an electric guitar and some basic trap style drums. I had made the track a long time ago and it had always been one of my favorites, I just hadn’t found the right topline for it yet. When Jordan sent over his vocal for the track it just immediately fit. The emotion in the lyrics and his voice matched perfectly with the vibe of the track. It was a blast to work on.

The Ready Set added: “Broken Parts is about bonding over imperfections and finding beauty in accepting them. Mokita’s production had a really cool vibe on this that made it super fun to write too, I love how the track turned out.