Moby feat. Damien Jurado – Almost Home (Agoria Remix)

Agoria (Sebastian Devaud) is definitely one of the most representative personalities in the French club scene and everyone has probably danced TO THIS at least once and even in the tiniest holes of that village no one has ever heard of.

He recently poked us again with a brand new remix of Almost Home, Moby’s collab with the american songwriter Justin Vern… erm… Damien Jurado! (Sorry but their voices sound identical to me).

Anyway, have you ever prepared mayonnaise? You definitely know that if you mix it too much you’re gonna ruin everything, right? The same goes for remix but, well, this is not the case. Basically, Agoria’s techno got burialized to call up the original song (that was pretty much “Zzz”, to be honest).

The track is available on Beatport for 2.17 € , but you can also listen to it here below.