MIYNT – After The Gold Rush

Stockholm artist MIYNT reveals what is probably her most complex and ambitious track to date. After The Gold Rush counts on a production that lucidly combines a multitude of heterogeneous elements. The track ranges from industrial synths to organic guitar and romantic piano, creating an intriguing kaleidoscopic pop-box in which the most mesmerizing reflection comes from the elegant and algid voice of MIYNT.

Speaking about the track, the promising songstress stated: “After The Gold Rush is a song dedicated to the Neil Young album with the same title. I worked as an assistant to the artist Jacob Dahlgren a summer three years ago and he introduced me to that record. I listened to it for that whole summer in the studio drinking coffee and painting squares for a sculpture (yes it was a great job). The song is playing with some of the titles of that record but it is also about time. How things have a timeline and about doing the best of things and not to overthink it.”

After The Gold Rush, together with te previously released The Strangest Game, will be part of MIYNT‘s debut EP No.1, due out via B3SCI on Sept 16th. Pre-order available here.