Mined – Girl

There’s something really pure in Mined‘s music. That’s probably the reason why his songs don’t really need a lot of frills to sound great. His latest single Girl is just the perfect example of what I’m trying to say: the production is quite minimalist, with sparse beats to set the brooding pace of the tune, whilst Mined’s muttering vocals convey a sense of nostalgia to which everyone can easily relate.

Speaking about the song, Mined explains, “The song is about two different relationships. The first is a relationship that is dependent on the physical aspects neglecting the emotional, and about someone who isn’t happy about it but gives in to it anyway (‘love me like you do in the dark, love me anyway you want’). The second relationship is long distance and the lyrics are about maintaining trust and the worries and difficulties that come with that (‘I know its tough to relax, but I swear I’ll tell you all of the facts).

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