Mikala – Save Your Love

Born and raised in Copenhagen by an artistic family with Italian roots, Mikala started playing piano and drums in her youth, when she also joined a gospel choir, which helped to sharpen her now-impressive vocal skills. The classical background together with the work of Scandinavian producer David Mørup helped Mikala to find her sound, which can be described as a mix of soul and old-school R&B with a hint of pop magic, as you can hear in her debut single Save Your Love.

Speaking on the track, she said: “In the beginning I wanted to write a song about ‘the state of the world’ but it seemed a bit too heavy for me – so we ended up writing about a typical one-night stand where the girl kind of ditches the guy.. But while watching the election in LA last year we added the sample in the beginning that says ‘Makes you wonder what the world’s coming to’ – giving it a state of the world twist anyways.