Midnight Pool Party – Signals

Sidney-based duo Midnight Pool Party has finally released its new dope single called Signals. Basically we are facing a perfect blend between dance and electronic seasoned with hot vibes, and it really transports you inside a disco drinking cold Mojitos. Moreover, elements like pounding beat, soothing vocals and chilling waves reflect almost perfectly the Australian dance music scene. In the end, its style recalls me something about Poolside or Disclosure, so all good stuff actually. Enjoy the song below.

Talking about Signals via email, they said: “We wanted to create a track with a smooth vibe, but implement an MPP groove suitable for our audience and the dance floor. We played around with so many different sounds, and different rhythms and we slowly pieced everything together until it sounded right and felt right. We had to make sure that we had an emotional connection to it, but that it also made us move and shake.”

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