MICKY – Candid

Formerly known as Michael Persall (you may remember him for his song Waiting For, NYC-based singer/songwriter MICKY has made a brilliant comeback thanks to his recently released single Candid, a truly energy-giving tune which brings its ’60s-inspired pop/soul vibe into the modern times. Moving at a very fast pace, the song’s melody finds its peak into a killer chorus where MICKY showcases all his terrific skills as singer and performer.

Speaking on the new song, he said: “With the first release as MICKY, I really wanted to set the tone for the direction I’m taking my songs and have “Candid” serving as a bold introduction to myself. The live instrumentation and overall arrangements, as well as my energetic performance on the song, really align with how I perform live. One thing I wanted moving forward was to have consistency with the live show and the records. The song incorporates a lot of my older 60s/70s classic rock and Motown influences, as well as my affinity for hip-hop and R&B. On the lyrical front, the song is based on my personal attitude to life. A lot of people seem to waste time putting up a front rather than being themselves and actually talking about things. “Candid,” is just the ideal alternative in my mind.