Micky Blue – Wild Things

New York City-based popstress Micky Blue has shared the title track from her new EP Wild Things. If we had to describe the song with only one word, we probably would say “haunting”. Micky’s voice is solid gold and succeeds perfectly in sharing with us all her torments and obsessions.

But no one better than her can describe the music. She shared with us some words that explain well how she felt while she was writing the EP: “The whole EP is about my struggles, thoughts and feelings about the music industry but Wild Things focuses mainly on one’s inner demons. When you hit such a low point you can start to hate yourself and turn pretty ugly inside. “I never want you to see all of my razor teeth” is a line from the song that describes exactly that. When you are sinking so low you try and put on a smile to hide yourself from people around you, I tried hiding all of my insane, wild & destructive thoughts from the people I loved. It’s like when you are sick with the flu and you don’t want anyone to see or talk to you because you feel so disgusting so you hide out in your bedroom. I think everyone has inner thoughts or maybe actions they are not proud of and you try and hide those wild things inside of you.

Listen below.