Memoryy – Turning The Page

Just right afert having almost topped the HypeM chart with the New netflix Chelsea Handler show theme song, Albuquerqu-based producer Memoryy shared a brand bnew single, Turning The Page, ahead of the release of his upcoming new LP Skeletons. Reminiscent of St. Lucia’s juiciest offerings, the song is an infectious electro-pop tune that digs heavy in the Eighties and experienced the featuring production of Brooklyn producer The Golden Pony. Really worth to mention also the amazing backing vocals delivered by Rose Lovell.

Speaking to Toomanyblogs, Memoryy said: “Turning The Page is me ruminating on the period that followed a bad break-up leading up until when I met my wife. I think it’s a universal experience – you won’t really get over something until you finally embrace wanting to turn the page. I wanted to write a chorus where I was singing at the height of my vocal range, completely inspired by Rick Astley’s Never Going To Give You Up. (Not joking!)