Me Nd Adam – Foolish Lover

This is not the story of a love at first sight. Adam and Vince met in New Orleans and their relationship was marked from the very beginning by selfishness and emotional wrecks. Parting ways was the obvious consequence, before realizing that their differences were their strenght and they should have addressed all their impulses into music. Now the duo is living the dream in Brooklyn and not by chance their first single as Me Nd Adam is a scratchy electronic-pop number titled Foolish Lover, a song built around the clash of multi-layered massive synths and gritty electronic.

Speaking on the track, Adam says: “I wish I had a better and more romantic story to tell about this song. Like I wish I was someone’s ‘foolish lover’ and the song was rooted in some autobiographical truth but in reality it was just me, alone, rolling around the floor of our buddy’s moldy dilapidated studio and the phrase ‘foolish lover’ just kinda fell out of my mouth. Vince, I guess, was playing around with some huge synth sound in the other room and the whole thing just kinda came together. So I’d love to tell you this song is about the love my life or some crazy love at first sight thing but, I honestly have no idea what it’s about except that it feels fun and I’m pretty sure we had fun making it.