Mayfly – Losing You

Despite the insane amount of submissions that Going Solo is receiving every single day, I still kinda like digging on my Soundcloud feed. Indeed, the excitement of discovering a new artist with no press behind is the same of the first day. This is pretty much what happened yesterday, when I heard the hazy synths of Losing You, the electronic pop debut of London-based anonymous act Mayfly. Those dreamy hooks and the smooth vocals gave me chills and I honestly wanted to know more.

So I wrote to her directly and I learned she has been writing and making music for a while now, but this is her first effort as Mayfly. The idea behind the project is to keep it anonymous for as long as possible. Speaking on the track, she added: “I wrote the song itself last year. It’s about finally realising you’re in a toxic relationship and gaining the strength to cut ties and let go of pent up feelings for said person. The track is a process of understanding that someone who doesn’t want the best for you, or to see you succeed is someone who will only hinder you- you are better off without them.