Matt Woods – Styrofoam

London-via-Cornwall future-soul artist Matt Woods just dropped his new EP Ain’t No Use, which title-track caused quite a stir when it was released, topping the Spotify’s Global Viral Chart. We’ve been following Matt’s work for a while now and his diversified mixture of alluring electronic R&B, heartfelt singing and sparkling productions has never been so good. The record includes two previously unheard track, the soft ballad If You Forget Me and the fuzzy mid-tempo Styrofoam, which serves to remember us once again how perfect Matt’s voice is.

Speaking about the EP, Matt Woods said: “This year has been madness. I’ve been sporadically putting out material while still developing my sound. I’m really pleased that when I look back at 2016 I’ll have this EP to show for it. A couple of the tracks point to where I am coming from, and a couple of them point to where it is all going. 2017 will be fun.