M-Phazes – Golden Years (ft Ruel)

M-Phazes is a pretty established producer. He worked with artists for the likes of Eminem, Madonna, FIfth Harmony, Kimbra, Nas and more. He recently teamed up with Alison Wonderland on Messiah and now is working on the release of his sophomore album. So why on Going Solo, you might ask? Because the Australian guy just dropped a terrific new single, Golden Years, which features a 14-year-old singer that goes under the name of Ruel. Fourteen years old, no shit. At the same age, I was still playing with toy soldiers. It’s impressive to hear how mature his voice his, standing out so distinctly over the the intricate yet flawless soulful soundscape created by M-Phazes.

We will hear more from these two soon, since Ruel’s debut EP is scheduled for release later this year and will be produced by M-Phazes himself. In the meantime, listen to Golden Years below.