M.I.L.K. – U And Me

Copenhagen-based artist Emil Wilk, the mastermind behind alt-funk project M.I.L.K., has finally dropped the follow up to his latest effort Following The Sun. The new track is titled U And Me and it’s a dancey number built around sparkling synth hooks and playful percussions; despite the glitters though, the track is also a liberating moment where soulful vocals end to implore for love in its purest form, even if it were to last only one night.

Speaking about U And Me, M.I.L.K. said: “With this track, I wanted to explore something a bit more danceable. Not like dancefloor-explodor-danceable, but just something to soundtrack the stage of the party just before everyone starts dancing. So more like an ‘Oops Upside Your Head’ [The Gap Band] with lots of good times and head nodding than full on dance like ‘Rock With You’ [Michael Jackson].