M.I.L.K. – Following The Sun

Copenhagen-based artist Emil Wilk, best known as M.I.L.K., has finally made his comeback giving birth to the long-awaited follow up to his latest successful single Everything You Know. The new track is called Following The Sun and it’s a synth-infused shimmering piece driven by chill percussions and swooning vocals.

Wilk revealed that the new track was inspired by a trip away last year. “I wanted to move to LA to get some more sun in my life so that was the initial inspiration. You know that feeling when you don’t want something to end? I guess the song is about that. When you feel it’s to early to let go of a summer love even though the season is changing and the sun is moving on. So instead of accepting the end, you go with the birds and follow the sun to new shores where the summer has not faded yet.

Following The Sun
will be released via London-based singles club 0E0E (Broen, Great News, SLØTFACE, etc.)