Luv Abstract – Driveway

Pay attention guys! I have a great news for you: Ohio boy Luv Abstact is finally come back with a new catchy dream-pop track called Driveway. A couple of months after the releasing of his first single Risk, LuvAbstract is ready to delight our ears once again. Basically the song is a perfect blend of dream-pop and electronica seasoned with snappy guitars and misleading textures. Moreover, I can feel something personal inside on this song, like a personal story and a deep message to himself and to the listeners. In fact the profound vocals are able to catch the attention and transport you into a thoughtful mood. Oh, another thing: be ready for the new EP out in November, it will not disappoint you.

Talking about the song via email, he said: “This story was written about me. Everyone has been in a situation where they want a few more moments to gain the courage to kiss that person. This song is a representation of how I felt during this date with her. The song starts off with me driving to her house after our date. I still remember everything from that night. From the song that was playing on my broken radio, to the route  we took to her house. The second verse is the build-up to that perfect kiss. I nervously walked her to her door, and even though it was only a few steps, I felt like I was walking miles. I wrote this song in the hopes that listeners could relate to my personal experience.

Enjoy the song below.

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