Luna Shadows – Cherry

I wrote ‘Cherry’ to mirror the back-and-forth relationship between love & patience. It’s either absolutely sincere or entirely sarcastic, depending on the circumstances. At first listen, it’s a classic unrequited love song… but there’s a second interpretation in which the lyrics are a dismissive response to being asked to wait around without hope for indefinite periods for the other to be “ready.” Both versions circle back to an underlying obsession with absolute perfection: the tendency to turn inwards in idle moments, and the exhaustion & hysteria that accompany attempts to revise oneself aimlessly and endlessly.

There’s not really much more to say about Luna Shadows‘ third ever track Cherry. It’s a great pop song ,built around massive synth hooks and Luna’s perfect vocals and it reaches its peak into a strong, addictive chorus that leaves no room for doubt: Luna Shadows is destined to greatness.