Lully – Sans Chapeau

Following up a truly sick debut as it was Slow D’s, mysterious electronic act Lully returns today with Sans Chapeau, a song that’s yet-again highly compelling but also showcases an increased attitude towards pure electronic pop music. Still, Lully’s signature sound resonates loud and clear, thanks to the fuzzy synth-laden hooks, the clanging percussions and the twisted rhythms.

A brief history lesson comes with this release: Lully is named after the 17th century French baroque composer, dancer and court troublemaker Jean Baptiste Lully, who died after striking his foot with a conducting staff in concert and refusing to have it amputated so he could continue to dance – the music drawing from this spirit of fevered energy and uncompromising dedication.

Lully also wrote a poem to accompany the new track which you can find below.

Balearic Lully

Lully née Llull
Tutor’d Aragon rule
Straying never too far from the tankar’

Lully licentious
Cuckqueaned his fairest
The innocent Picany Bianca

But woke from the deepest
From something that creepeth
A vision of Jesus! Good Lord

He left his familials
For Franc’scan fraternals
Chastity now be restor’d

For, “What is mere marriage
But friable corsage?”
B’comes wilted when honesty speaks

In logical tables
Rhetorical fables
The celestial truths can be seek’d

His big old Ars Magna
Predicted ‘kipedia
Silhoett’d beneath the ogive

In seas Medit’rranean
Then octogenarian
He resolv’d to fall on his glaive