Lucy Mason – Feels Like Midnight

On March 31st, chamber-pop songstress Lucy Mason will release a new extended play, Going Home Broke, featuring 5 new songs that will mark the start of a different, yet equally exciting, course of her refined songwriting. The Sydney born, London resident artist recently shared a new taste from the record, a song called Feels Like Midnight that highlights Lucy’s bewitching voice over a silky carpet of nocturnal keys and soft synths.

Speaking on the track, Lucy Mason said: “I’ve spent the last six years in and out of health with a series of setbacks and there were days I thought I’d feel like this forever. The worst of these feelings were usually at midnight when I was tired and unable to sleep from being so unwell. No one likes to feel hopeless and no one likes to have to search for a way out. Feels like midnight is this story.

The story behind the EP is fascinating and Lucy revealed it the best way: “The title came into my head during the break I was taking from making music and it slowly became my saying and began shaping my next moves toward this EP. ‘Going Home Broke’ is my greatest and most honest expression so far as an artist. Each song tells a real story for this moment in my life and I don’t think I could’ve found the way to say it until I let it all go. The thought behind it is something I know everyone can relate to. It’s about giving it all that you have, and if you have to give up, then you’ll be giving it everything you’ve got before you do. It may leave you financially broke, emotionally broken or even physically exhausted from how hard you tried, but at least we won’t regret that we tried. I wouldn’t trade the last 5 years for anything. This EP is the outcome of a whole new level of creativity that I could’ve only found in my breaking, and regardless of its success, I am so proud of it.