LPX – Tremble

Many of you probably already know that Ms Mr’s frontwoman (and Neong Gold co-founder) Lizzy Plapinger is going solo (see what I’m doing here?) under the moniker of LPX. We shared the visuals of the debut single Tightrope and today she returns with a new really really REALLY good song called Tremble. More than the electro-laden melody, which is anyway extremely compelling and blessed by some bold hooks, I’d like to shine a light on Lizzy’s gritty vocals here; she sounds like someone who has been through a lot and you can hear all that through her voice. She is raw, dynamic and cheeky, and I absolutely love her for that.

Speaking on the track over at Interview Magazine, LPX said: “This song caught me at the peak of my fragility in the throes of an exhaustive relationship I wasn’t yet brave enough to remove myself from. For the first time I was able to actually be honest with myself about the situation, what I wanted, and what I needed to say. I poured every last drop of juice I had into it, embracing every fracture, squeak, and ache in my voice. After we recorded ‘Tremble’ I wasn’t able to speak for a month. I’ve never poured myself so wholly, physically and emotionally, into a song. It’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever made.

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