LOOP – Looking At You

Brixton-native artist LOOP is just the latest in a long list of popstresses arose in the London scene, but that does not mean that she’s less worthy. Having already worked with INSICAL on her debut single Love Bites, LOOP reunited with the Portoguese production duo to create Looking At You, a new offering that will be released through Metropolis label M:UK. Marked by upbeat tropical percussions blended with stretched, fuzzy synth lines, Looking At You highlights clearly the powerful voice of LOOP.

It’s a song about falling in love for the first time, as LOOP explains: “It’s about the completely overwhelming emotions that rush over you when you realise that ‘shit, this is it now, there’s no going back, I am totally in love with you’ – but being so afraid that they don’t feel the same andthat you’re setting yourself up for complete heartbreak that you don’t show it and so then risk losing them. I can be pretty terrible at voicing my emotions so I usually shut down instead of expressing how I feel. This song is about the repercussions of that. The massive euphoric synths and slightly manic drum beats pretty much encapsulate the utter chaos that was going on inside my head when I wrote this.

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