Lontalius – Glow

Forget the electronic touches, Wellington-based artist Eddie Johnston – aka Lontalius – is a brand new man and his new single Glow is here to prove it. It is a guitar-driven melancholic gem that sounds so soft and amazingly melodic that we could tag this song as “emo” and listen to it while going through a massive number of photos/memories of when we were young and free. It may seem quite sad, but it’s exactly what we love and well, just like Johnston himself says: “I’m not really sad, I’m emotional, but I’m not depressed. I just like sad music”.

Glow is the second single to be taken from Londalius’ debut LP I’ll Forget 17, due out March 25th via Partisan Records. This is the tracklist:

1. A Feeling So Sweet
2. All I Wanna Say
3. Kick In The Head
4. Light Shines Through Dust
5. Selfless
6. My Dreams Are Dark
7. Glow
8. It’s Not Love
9. I Was More Than
10. Yr Heart Is Beating