Lizzy Land – Beat Goes On

Later in 2016, we introduced LA popstress Lizzy Land with her single Sweet Melodies, saying that a new EP was on the horizon. So while we still have no news about it, we’re still able to share her first offering of 2017; it’s called Beat Goes On and it’s a mid-tempo tune built around cinematic synth stabs, shimmering electronica and thumping percussions. Needless to say, Lizzy’s voice is once again flawless and endowed with huge charm.

Speaking on the track, she said: “I live in shadows that only I can see sometimes, and it takes a certain kind of headspace to get me back into the groove. ‘Beat Goes On’ is an invitation to seek that place within us we forget about when certain circumstances start to mold us into unfamiliar people. It’s meant to play as a celebration of self-acceptance. I hope when you listen to it, you turn inward and turn up the volume.

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