Liyv – Now You Say You Love Me

Liyv is an electro/dream pop artist hailing from Seattle, WA. I’ve been following her work for a while now, but never posted anything yet, because unlike the Pokemon game, you can’t really catch ’em all! She is currently involved in a “One Song A Month” project and Now You Say You Love Me is the seventh output of a series of smooth and silky tracks that could be all easily considered as precious hidden gems. About her music, Liyv says: “I make songs for sad people who like bright colors“, and believe me, this is a feeling that can be sharply perceived. Check out her latest offering below and head over to Soundcloud for more tunes.

In a statement on her Facebook page, speaking on the track Liyv wrote: “For years, you’ve loved someone – perhaps obsessively. But it was a push-pull relationship. The more you loved them, the more they kept themselves from you, taking selfishly, giving nothing.

So finally, tired – of the abuse, of the selfishness, of your now crippled self-esteem – you move on. You lean into yourself, into the quiet moments, and you begin to love yourself again.
And they come running back to you. Months after calling it quits, your phone lights up with a thousand confessions of their love, pixelated and clumsy because in the modern age we say “I love you” for the first time over a text message.

his person’s love is all you ever wanted. But now you have to say no when an old, dying part of you still remembers wanting to say yes. And all the while, the pain is alive: in the yes and in the no.