Little xs for Eyes – Logical Love

Little xs for Eyes is a funny half boy / half girl group from Irleand with a sophomore LP on the way. It is called Everywhere Else and will be out April 13th. There’s no better presentation for them and their “manifesto” than the one provided by leader Bennie Reilly on their Bandcamp page: “A love of nature and the nature of love, and the mess we make of both. Imagined journeys to real places through forest, jungle and ocean, singing songs of lost summers, loose kisses and longed-for landscapes; venturing somewhere but searching for everywhere else”. Their new single Logical Love is everything about that: bright and sunny synth-driven indie-pop with melodies halfway between Pure Bathing Culture and Billie The Vision & The Dancers. Last but not least, their music makes us smile and feel good.

Listen below.