Little Spoon – Girlfriend Forever

Last year’s Doldrums’ Lesser Evil LP was awesome. The demented approach on avant-garde music, its undercurrent darkness, the cracked take on pop and the preservation of catchiness: everything about it was perfect. We were praying to get something equipped with the same qualities from 2014 and, a few days ago, our wish has finally come true.

A month after his latest release as Yom San, Cameron Potter dropped another cassette tape from his Little Spoon moniker (via MJ MJ Records). And it’s a fully absorbing one, one that will trap your existence inside its hooks for a while and that totally deserves your money.

Of course, there is a song there (Dude, Bra) that emerges over the rest of the record and projected me back in time to when, at Primavera Sound Festival 2013, I ended up dancing shoulder to shoulder with Sean Nicholas Savage, Marilisc, other members of the Montréal crew that ruled the world (I recognized them from the internet, lol) and a few other people at the Doldrums’ gig that was taking place concomitantly with the shows of Blur, Swans and Daughter: that feel of not regretting anything about it still warms me. Anyway, you shouldn’t waste any more time caring about my stories, really. Stream Girlfriend Forever below, then get it digitally or on cassette for respectively $4.20 and $6.66.