Litanic Mask – U Release Me

It was Charlie Hilton of Blouse to introduce me to Litanic Mask. Well, she actually pointed me to related project Vice Device, I liked what I heard, wrote an article about them for The 405, got in touch with Andrea Kulish through Facebook and then found out about Litanic Mask.

Though Andrea is hyper productive at the point that it’s almost impossible to keep up with everything she releases, if there’s something you shouldn’t really miss out that’s certainly the Portland trio’s upcoming LP (which is entitled Vampire and comes out April 8th via Audraglint).

First single U Release Me proves that I’m telling the truth by blending 4AD-esque 80s dream-pop with touches of early-90s synth-experimentations; the classical piano undercurrents complete the rare picture of a blessed, uplifting gothic piece of music.

Check it out below.