Lily Elise – Palm Trees

Within this big circus called music, there is no room for complacency. Lily Elise knows it well and after her stunt at The Voice, she never stopped honing her skills as musician. Proof is that, after her latest Oliver EP and its follow-up single Let Me Down, the Bay Arena songstress hasn’t stop working on new stuff and the result is this new mesmerizing ballad called Palm Trees. Co-written with Soaky Siren and produced by Jeeve, the song unravels around delicate acoustic guitar chords, soon joined by some deep electronic percussions that paint the perfect soundscape for Lily’s heartfelt singing.

Speaking on the track, Lily Elise said: “Most people move to LA for the same reason, to chase dreams. I think people come out here with good intentions, to give their art to the world…and then somewhere along the line you realize you gotta further your name in order to further your art, and so you start doing that…and then you kinda get lost in that hustle and forget about furthering your art. You start kissing asses and doing what people tell you you needa do to get ahead…but at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you like yourself. So ‘Palm Trees’ is kinda about saying ‘just do you’ and ‘fuck it’ to the game.