LILI N – Paper Heart

LILI N is a 21-year-old electro-pop songstress and trained musician at Berklee College of Music student. She just shared the first excerpt from her upcoming EP, a song titled Paper Heart that was co-written together with Joel Isaksson and Oskar Nyman of Hymer and Sanford Livingston, whom also produced the track. Backed by throbbing bass, Paper Heart is driven by a truly addictive melody over which the lion’s share is played by the shimmering vocals of the Rome-based artist.

LILI N grew up in a musical family. Her mom was a renowned Italian opera singer and voice-over actress, and an obvious inspiration for Lili, who has followed her footsteps not only as a musician but also in the film industry, doing the Italian version of American characters in movies like The Grinch, and Lilo & Stitch.

Speaking on the track, she said: “Paper Heart is about being vulnerable and being fragile but without ever losing yourself completely. My heart is what keeps me grounded and although I will inevitably get hurt, it will never destroy me completely as long as I keep love closer than whatever pain exists in my life.