Liana Bank$ x Mura Masa – Leave Me Alone

Based around Mura Masa‘s instrumental track I Miss You, the new offering from Queens-native R&B singer and songwriter Liana Bank$ sounds dope since its very beginning. Bank$ placed her unique and addictive flow over the colorful beats created by the English otherworldly-talented producer, creating a marvelous track to add to her upcoming debut mixtape Insubordinate.

Speaking with Nylon on Leave Me Alone, she said: “I’ve been a fan of Mura Masa for a while. I usually listen to his instrumentals while I’m cooking and riding my hoverboard or in the tub taking a flower bath. His shit is just different: relaxing, simple, and complex all at once. My manager fucks with him heavy too and suggested I write on top of one of his tracks, so of course I was down. This one track sounded exactly like my life at the time; it was weird. It’s super-calming but also very chaotic and a little creepy. I let it play a few times, then the words just started flowing.