LeyeT – Long Way

What a nice presentation has this song. I definitely stumbled on something deep and danceable this time. Firstly, let’s talk about the artist. L.A-based artist LeyeT has surpass herself with this downtempo/ electro-pop pearl. I never heard music about this artist actually, so I was on the fence at the beginning. But suddenly the song has grab me with its wonderful rhythm and delicate soundscape. On the whole, the perfect blend between plucked guitars and terrific vocals is what Long Way addresses the most and what makes this song suitable for every personal situation.

Talking about the song via email, she said: “This is a song that captures exactly what I’m feeling right now. It is me being honest and vulnerable with where I’m at…something that I always strive to be in my songwriting. This past year, I’ve been in a season of joy, independence and freedom…it’s been amazing really. Now, with the thought of loving someone else again/dating crossing my mind, I’ve found the thought of it a bit scary to think about (haha). This song plays on that emotion and point in time – the moment where you’re toying with those thoughts again, realizing maybe you’re not quite ready to jump into love again, or if you are….maybe you’d prefer to take the long way?”

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