LeyeT – Call U Out

Los Angeles electronic-pop artist LeyeT has caused quite a stir with her debut single Don’t Make Me Cry, which topped Spotify’s Fresh Finds Playlist and also landed on the Global Viral chart. Now she has returned with Call U Out, her sophomore effort in which her thin voice floats over a blend of organic instruments and silky electronic vibes.

Speaking on the track, LeyeT said: “This was one of those songs for me that came about very naturally and freely; the words and melodies spilled out and I found that I was writing a song to provide hope for a friend while also replenishing my own hope through the process. This song is a reminder to actively ‘swim the wave’ through life’s ebbs and flows, ups and downs. When Nevin, the producer of this song, firstsent me the track, there was a specific sound that sparked an image in my mind of a small boat at sea. I’d love to share a little light and clarity to help call another out of whatever darkness they’re experiencing.

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