Lex Low – Addicted Lover

Formerly known as ALECS, Fulham-based electro-pop/R&B artist Lex Low has always been influenced by the nuances of love in all his musical compositions. The complexities of romantic relationships is at the basis of Low’s artistic inspirations and his new single, Addicted Lover, makes no exception. Lying on a carpet made of funky basses, soaring beats and edgy chords, the song is pervaded by a sensual vibe due to the fluctuating vocal performance delivered by Low. If you are now thinking of something like Autre Ne Veut and Jai Paul’s stuff, you’re not wrong.

Speaking on his music, Lex Low explains: “I took up guitar because I liked The Yardbirds and wanted to be Jeff Beck. I rejected the restraints of a plectrum, every riff I learnt was blues inspired and every lick was transparently tinged with overdrive. In turn, the music I write is flecked with that inspiration, coloured with the collective vision of the artists that have come before me.

Addicted Lover is the first song to be taken from Lex Low’s upcoming EP Mystery. Listen below.