Leo Kalyan – Feels Right

London alt-soul artist Leo Kalyan knows no rest and soon after releasing his beautiful EP Outside In, he is already back with a new exuberant track titled Feels Right. Leo’s DIY and futuristic approach to songwriting has become a signature now, so the sultry mix of shimmering electronics, throbbing beats and heartfelt vocals might not sound new anymore. Still really really good though.

Speaking about the song, Leo states: “~feels right~ is about being lost in an unknown place & finding peace in that sense of unfamiliarity. it was inspired by a road trip i took across andalusia in southern spain, and continues to focus on the theme of being an outsider, which I explored in my last EP. however ~feels right~ is a different perspective on what that means. here, it’s about being able to exist outside of the labels put on me. it’s all about escapism: finding a place where you can listen to yourself, rather than the voices telling you who or what you should be.