Lemonade – Orchid Bloom

Our summer mixtape has just been published, but Lemonade are already back to add something more to that cargo of feel good vibes. Orchid Bloom, the second single off their upcoming Minus Tide LP, is housier than previous offering Stepping (which was obviously featured on the abovementioned mixtape), made for the evening hours of everyone’s favourite season rather than the poolside. It emphasizes how good the Brooklyn-via-San Francisco trio is good at pop – taking their new sound one step closer to the splendours of Pala-era Friendly Fires – but also brings back the experimental mark of early-Lemonade, sounding simultaneusly like if Soft Metals are doing their thing over a crowd of tropical percussions.

Lemonade’s Minus Tide – which, as you might have noticed, is shaping as one of the most enthralling album of the year – is out September 9th via Cascine. Pre-order it here.