Lemonade – Come Down Softly

It’s not only the artwork of Come Down Softly that recalls Boat Club. Lemonade shift here from the poolsides and the sea dancefloors (to which they brought us with previous singles Stepping and Orchid Bloom) to the headphones of those who are on their way back home, along countrysides and clouds, musing. They sound so much like Boat Club indeed, through the warmest guitar riffs and the most romantic lyricism. They sound very much like Radio Dept too, while Callan Clendenin’s vocals become just another sparkling, enveloping texture. This is the song to which you should entrust all your summer memories. Like you did last year with every single track on Cascine’s reissue of Boat Club’s Caught The Breeze. And, of course, like you always did with every piece of Radio Dept’s discography.

Listen below.

Lemonade‘s new album, Minus Tide, is out September 9th via Cascine. First 150 orders come on limited clear vinyl.