Lazy Day – Disappear

Tilly Scantlebury has been quite silent in the last year and a half. Her latest effort as Lazy Day was dated Record Store Day 2015, an exclusive 7″ single released via Tuff Love. But now she’s finally back and in a full-band shape. Built around impressive hazy guitar textures and vibrant drums, Disappear gives us back the former Hella Better Dancer at her peak, channeling some serious, Nineties-inspired shoegaze vibes and blending them with Tilly’s choked vocals.

Speaking on the track, Scantlebury said: “’Disappear’ is about being let down or forgotten about. About someone who only sees themselves and so doesn’t see you: ‘You see straight through me / You never give it away / Disappear on me so fast / Forever talking about you.’ The song starts out isolated, but builds into something bigger than just me, something way more confident.

Disappear is part of an upcoming 7” single, alongside b-side All The Time, that will be released via Lost Map on November 4th.