Lauv – I Like Me Better

Two years after its release, we’re still talking about Lauv‘s debut single The Other. That song didn’t age a second and, truth to be told, it’s very hard to pair. But Lauv (real name, Ari Leff) never stopped releasing great music and his latest single I Like Me Better is definitely honey for our ears. The song’s pop imprint pleasantly clashes with its R&B inlays and sleek production, while Ari’s emotional singing enchantes as usual.

Speaking to Billoard, Lauv stated: “Being vulnerable is the hardest thing for so many people, including myself, but it’s also the most satisfying thing. In day-to-day life there’s so much that’s calculated: so many fake, surface-level interactions that don’t amount to anything. Getting away from that and being completely real in my music has been so cathartic for me, and my hope is that my songs can somehow empower people to be real with themselves and with other people too.