Lauren Ruth Ward – Did I Offend You?

Since she left her hometown of Baltimore to relocate in LA, Lauren Ruth Ward has seen steadily growing her music career hand in hand with her songwriting skills. Together with her songwriting partner Eduardo Rivera, she created some really infectious rock’n’roll tunes which she recently had the chance to play also in Europe, as supporting act of LP. In the wake of the her self-titled EP is also her latest single Did I Offend You?, a slow-burning, guitar-driven tune marked by a contagious pace and with a vivid ’60s-tinged aftertaste.

Speaking on the track, Lauren said: “‘Did I Offend You?’ is a song about self reflection after an intense conversation. It can be taken from the perspective of a conversation with someone else or a conversation with oneself, I like giving that option to the listener. The song follows the trail of emotions ranging from regret to panic. This is also the first song that Eddie and I wrote together, so it has meaning to me on various levels.

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