Lauren Ruth Ward – Blue Collar Sex Kitten

Following up her latest offering Did I Offend You?, singer/songwriter Lauren Ruth Ward shakes things up with her new single Blue Collar Sex Kitten, a chasing rock tune marked by heavy guitars and subtle keys while Lauren addresses her sexuality with raw vocals, singing “Thought you found Jesus in me while I lied there faking.

Speaking on the track, she and her songwriting partner Eduardo Rivera said: “This song is about having pent up thoughts bursting at all seams. It’s about having all these opinions, all these contradictions, all these experiences, all these reservations bottled up inside because for whatever reason, someone deems them inappropriate to express. When writing this song, the lyrics just poured out of me without me having to place too much thought onto the pen and paper. We spend too much time trying to please the world and emphasize a curated picture perfect image of ourselves when in reality we’re all flawed. Admitting that is good. Thriving in it is better.

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