LANKS – Comfortable

Aussie multi-instrumentalist and producer LANKS has dropped a new slow-burning track called Comfortable, which follows the release of the Viet Rose EP. This brand new offering takes a definitely poppier route than the previous productions, with its uplifting melody that grows around sparkling synth stabs, handclaps and chasing drums. LANKS’ bright vocals serve as icing on tasty cake.

The song was written through the perspective of a close friend who works within the mental health industry. Speaking about the subject, LANKS said: “Mental health is still an area we are learning how to approach and talk about, and it is not an easy job to just turn up to work for and then leave at the office. It is emotionally challenging. I wrote this song to remind her how selfless she is and was, helping someone else through such an incredibly hard time and shouldering so much of their struggles and despair. The ending was heartbreaking, but I wanted to focus on how great of a human she showed she was.

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