Lake Komo – Weight of Fear and Doubt

Following up their latest incredible “demo” Manners, Manchester quartet Lake Komo shared this time a new official single, Weight of Fear and Doubt, out today on Columbia. The song has a driven anthemic melody built around thumping organic drums and fizzy synth hooks that reach the peak in the bombastic, overwhelming chorus.

Speaking on the track, the lead singer Jay said about the personal lyrics: “Depression is something that visits us all in some form or another. With Weight of Fear and Doubt I wanted to express how it has impacted on me and how I choose to deal with it. It’s a song that tackles a serious subject matter but I wanted to deliver it in a way that makes it as hopeful and positive as possible. I’ve always loved records that you can immediately connect with and sing along to whilst still maintaining an emotional core and that’s what I wanted to achieve with this song.