Lake Komo – Manners

Manners, the latest effort shared by Manchester quartet Lake Emo is tagged as “demo”, since it’s not an official single, but more an extra track. Well, if this one is a demo, I’ve no idea what to expect from their next official release. Manners sounds SO good, really. It’s Lake Komo in their most-stripped down version, with Bon Iver’s echoes that unravel around the whole record, also due to the impressive falsetto of lead singer Jay.

Speaking on the track, he explained: “Manners is the most personal song I’ve written to date. It’s about a family member who had a huge impact on my life growing up who eventually succumbed to Alzheimers once she met her later years. There’s a sadness in this song that I don’t think will ever be matched in anything else I write, but I like to think that that sentiment is overpowered by the final message of the song, which is the appreciation and love I have for her.

If you’d like to add more magic to your listening experience, press play on the amazing live session below.