Kyler Slater – Through The Motions

The voice of Kyler Slater will probably give you chill. His wide vocal range made me think at first that there was a guest female singer on his new single Through The Motions. Instead it was just him doing crazy stuff. The song blends fresh & modern electro-soul vibes with classic songwriting, reminding me in some of its moments of The xx if Romy and Oliver merged into a single person.

Speaking on Through The Motions, which is taken from Kyler Slater’s upcoming debut EP Vacant, the Los Angeles based artist said: “I wrote Through the Motions when I was in a very low place. I had been living on my own since I was a teenager, homeless at points, and I encountered many situations a long the way that were far worse than just not having a place to lay my head. I had just moved to Los Angeles to try to find myself and also the opportunities I had hoped existed in a city like LA. I wrote this song as a reminder to continue on my path and to not be complacent with the existence I had up until this point in my life.

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