Kult Kyss – Water Baby

Kult Kyss are a Melbourne-based experimental electro-pop duo and their new work Water Baby really shakes my body without control. The vocals and the style of this song reminds me quite of M.I.A and The Knife, mixing tribal and psychedelic flavors. Water Baby caught my attention from the beginning to the end, especially because it’s a workload of sounds. The general build-up and instrumental phase are well done, with electronic elements and deep bass and everything is seasoned by an energetic atmosphere able to teleport you in the middle of a rain forest.

This particular Australian duo can push your senses to the maximum, taking full control of your body. Actually I’m happy to add another name to my personal list of sweet surprises of the year, and I assure you that I’ll keep them monitored waiting to listen new stuff from them. If you like the song and their tribal style I have good news for you: their soundcloud page allows you to download it for free, so take advantage of it.

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