Klyne – Paralyzed / Entropy

Klyne are an electro-pop duo formed by vocalist Nick Klein and producer Ferdous Dehzad. They’re based in a small village outsite Eindhoven, Netherlands, but their roots come from farther away: both Nick’s mother and Ferdous’ parents arrived in Netherlands as refugees, the first from Indonesia and the seconds from Afghanistan. The uninspiring environment that surrounded them in their youth has become the spring to start creating music, which culminated last January in the release of their first single Paralyzed. A few days ago, Entropy has followed it to complete a double A-side single which is out now through Aesop.

Paralyzed is R&B-based electro-pop that pays tribute to Ben Khan and Frank Ocean, while Entropy adds tropical vibes to the production, on the heels of Jai Paul’s stuff. By the way Jai, what happened with that official debut album?

Listen below.