Klune – Nocturnal

Hailing from Padua in Italy, Klune are an electronic-pop ensemble formed by Giovanni Solimeno on vocals, Alberto Pagnin as a producer and Giulio Abatangelo on guitars. They’ve just released a brand new single called Nocturnal, which marks their entry into Factory Flaws’ roster (GIUNGLA, L I M, Porcelain Raft, HÅN). It’s a brooding, nocturnal jam that mixes bouncing electronic beats, nuanced vibes à la Tender and sophisticated pop vibes.

Speaking on out the track, the band stated “As the title suggest, ‘Nocturnal’ is one of the rappresentation of the LP main theme: night. But it’s not something for the dance floor. It’s the soundtrack to play when you’re walking home, alone, surrounded by darkness, caressed by cold street lights.

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